Take your online presentations to the next level with GoToMeeting video presentation tools

Your PowerPoint’s ready, you’ve rehearsed your speech and now it’s show time. GoToMeeting’s online presentation software makes sure that everything goes by without a hitch.

Easy-to-use controls for painless presentations


  • Share your screen with one click of the mouse
  • Give someone else a go: hand over presenter duties to other attendees
  • Customise your call: adjust settings to allow attendees to chat, view other attendees or share webcams
  • Use drawing presentation tools like a pen, highlighter, arrow and spotlight to highlight key points

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  • GoToMeeting’s online presentation software brings teams together from all across Australia and beyond
  • Share training sessions, PowerPoints, demonstrations, webinars or reports easily and quickly

No more miscommunications, just really great collaboration


  • Works great on PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, iPhones and other mobile devices
  • No extra cost or hidden fees
  • No tedious set-up or installation required

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Conversion Rate Experts


Ben Jesson CEO and Co-founder

“In just one week, a member of our team had 39 online meetings with people in 11 countries,” said Jesson. “Using GoToMeeting, he can not only talk to clients at the touch of a button but also share his screen and give high-quality visual presentations. All our consultants are well paid and real experts at what they do, so the idea of making them spend lots of time travelling is crazy and counterproductive.”



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