Engage your audience with built-in HD video conferencing.

Present to huge audiences in HD.


  • Help your audience put a face to a voice.
  • Simple, intuitive video controls.
  • Co-present with up to six video feeds per session.

When to use video conferencing:

  • Internal events: Give employees more than just a voice and a screen. Web conferencing humanises the leaders of training events and all-hands meetings.
  • Sales and product demonstrations: Demo your product live to a wide audience. Put a face to your name and build rapport to close more business.

A run-down of the details:


  • One-click video conferencing at no additional cost: Start sharing video in a single click or tap.
  • Mac, PC and iPad support: Share video with HDFaces via your desktop or tablet.
  • Combined video and screen sharing: View up to six video streams plus a shared desktop all on one screen.
  • Resizable viewer and layouts: Resize video layout to practically any screen or projector configuration.


Chloé Titcomb

Marketing Manager, British Library

“We wanted to introduce new ways of engaging with users and to promote our services. Using webinars was a great way to do this, as they can be accessed remotely and allow users unable to physically visit our Centre to take advantage of our offering.”



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